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Complete the brief is the pathway to connect to creative visual professionals to enable you to complete your brief.

The scope of knowledge required to create images for marketing, social media or advertising goes beyond having the device to capture the images.

The basis of why complete the brief is and essential resource is “You don’t know what you don’t know”

This is a resource that connects your brief/ideas to people/creatives that are tried/tested and qualified
Professionals who have proved their professional skills.

Their are strict criteria that are met prior to any professional being able to be part of Complete the Brief.

In photography there are many genres of work that all require specific set of skills to deliver the best results.

This also extends to understanding areas from technical knowledge, legal requirements to creative options.
All these areas are enforced through the vetting process to ensure the person responding to your brief are qualified through proved results.

A challenge presented by many in business looking for a photographer in understand the language within the industry. This extends to the definitions for the areas of photography.